We live in the Public Square

 Ambushing Will   - Edinburgh, Scotland, 2016

Ambushing Will
  - Edinburgh, Scotland, 2016

Not so long ago privacy was declared dead, and that may be, but we can choose how we are going to live our public life. We can hide, of fight Facebook for our privacy, and lose. We can challenge our friends not to reveal too much of us, and never really know what has been published, or we can stand up and control the message ourselves.

Millennials will redefine what it means when we think of privacy, to what extent, who knows. Their tolerances will inform our social norms and we’ll have to abide them. This is not to say this transformation is an entirely bad thing. On the contrary, I think privacy is not, as we may think, the right not to be seen, but rather the right to be left alone. Our information has already slipped our grasp, our life integrated into social networks and mobile devices - it’s largely too late to go back. The state will attempt to regulate boundaries in a last ditch effort to plug the leaks, as they should, but they won’t get very far.

I believe my information is mine to share, how I want and with who I want, but once I’ve shared it, by the very nature of that act, it’s no longer in my control. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t divulge information freely for I respect one's right to self-disclosure, but I also accept that privacy through obscurity is largely gone. So what can be done now? Do we cower in the last shadows of the public facade, or saunter confidently into the light? Where’s the middle ground?

That’s what I’m here to determine. I will answer only for what I choose to share publicly and will treat anything else as rumour and ignore it. There may be much about me on-line, or not, but there are things I do in my life that I want to share with which ever community arises to find me, and this is the place I’ll do it.

If we are to live in a public square, I shall dance in it.



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