Never used to stare


I never used to stare at anyone's picture before. Now I do, all the time. 

Yeah, it's true. I bring up pictures of you on my phone and immerse myself in my mind with you right next to me. I swim in pictures, and posts, and videos of you. I consume all your content just so I can spend a few more moments with you around, even if in memory -- because you are so far, and I yearn. 

I sometimes like to drown in that hypnotic state, to learn more about you, and myself, and us. Love soaks through every part of my body and mind and brings me closer to you, almost closer. I can't not be around you for too long. Your pictures, your smiling face, your squinted glee filled eyes say to me "I'm right here, almost there, with you".

The pain of separation always eases; I put you in my pocket and carry on. 

I love you. I miss you. I always keep you close. 


Can I hug you but one more time? Can I hold you for an infinity?

The day is too long without you, the evenings too short. The commute that separates us is a crushing rubber band whose grip on my heart grows tighter with every step you take, nearly failing but for a delicate respite when you return. 

And it's never long enough.  

And it's never soon enough.  

Don't go too far. 

Don't go at all.  


Every cell constantly screams out for you while you are gone,

“Come Home! Come Home! Come Home!”

Then you do.